How it Works

100% Engagement is the University of Arizona's commitment that all undergraduate students will have the opportunity to begin to make a mark in the world, taking action to apply knowledge and skills to real challenges. Through these experiences, students discover new possibilities for their purpose and develop valuable skills to launch a career. Personalized reflections built into each of these challenges mean that UA graduates easily connect what they've learned from these experiences to what's needed in the world as they take the next step into a job, graduate research or professional school, or even launching their own ventures. 

When students complete a 100% Engagement experience-- such as an internship, undergraduate research experience, preceptorship, study abroad, field work, capstone performance, leadership, or service learning project-- and then connects that experience to 100% Engagement through a designated upper division course or out of classroom experience, they earn an Engaged Learning Experience notation on their academic transcript.

Each engaged learning experience students complete, whether it is for academic credit or not, will also be added to the student's Engagement Record. The student can access their Engagement Record via their UAccess Student account. 

All experiences connect to one Engagement Activity and to one Engagement Competency reflecting the unique strengths and value of the University of Arizona experience.

The result? UA graduates go further together.

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