Global Initiatives Student Worker

The Global Initiatives Student Worker position is a paid employment opportunity whereby applicants work approximately 15 hours per week throughout the academic year engaging with the Office of Global Initiatives and their many units. Selected students will be assigned to one of the three categories:

Peer Advisors: The Peer Advisor student workers will manage general student inquiries related to study abroad and advise students interested in studying abroad through third party program providers. They will hold regular walk-in advising hours and appointment times during which they share their personal study abroad experience and practice active listening skills to ensure they are advising the student in an effective manner. Peer Advisors will need to build upon their professionalism through knowledge of study abroad opportunities, professional dress, and advising etiquette. Peer Advisors must take initiative to help their advisees find the best program fit and continuously gain greater knowledge on study abroad programs and advising techniques by shadowing the full-time Study Abroad Coordinators.

Outreach Workers: The Outreach student workers will manage study abroad information sessions, presentations and marketing efforts. They will regularly practice their public speaking skills through classroom presentations and work to enhance their communication skills by writing formal emails to professors and organizations. An additional professional piece to the Outreach position is the expansion of one¿s marketing skills to be garnered for a future professional position. Outreach workers will explore their study abroad experience by sharing reasons to study abroad, both personal and professional, and encouraging students to further explore classroom learning in a global environment. Outreach workers are accountable for all inquiries made through the Study Abroad website and ensuring that study abroad is visible on the UA¿s campus.

Marketing Office Worker: The Marketing Office Worker will collaborate on events, the development of marketing materials and reporting on Office of Global Initiatives (OGI) activities. They will regularly commit to intercultural exploration and practice their professionalism by identifying the audience of each activity and tailoring their message accordingly. They will work to enhance their communication skills by writing a wide variety of materials to audiences ranging from faculty to fellow students. An additional professional piece to the position is the expansion of event planning and management skills to be garnered for a future professional position. These workers will explore their own global experience by learning broadly about the value of global collaboration across our university, both personal and professional. As a part of their employment, these students will have regular structured interaction and training with OGI¿s events and logistics manager, UI/UX designer, writer, web developer and marketing director. These interactions will help to further their learning objectives and explore opportunities for greater engagement.

Although the three roles outlined are different, they seek to build upon the same activity (intercultural exploration) and enhance the student¿s competency (professionalism) in order to prepare the students for how to use their international experience(s) in a future career.

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