Resident Assistant Bias Reduction Training

Undergraduate students will participate in the development and execution of the program and resident assistants will receive the training the program provides. Students who develop and execute the program will assist the research team in finding and creating examples for use in the training sessions, developing survey questions to measure the norms for cross-group relationships, writing and rehearsing the script for the video, developing the social norm marketing materials, implementing the program at the start of each semester, and helping to collect the follow-up data.

Resident assistants who receive the training will participate in four sessions during which they will read about and discuss the psychology of implicit bias, role-play and execute active learning exercises to develop new skills for reducing their own expression of implicit bias. They will also learn new skills for intervening when student residents express explicit or implicit bias. After the start of the semester, they will devote a few minutes at the end of each week to reflecting on incidences of bias they observed and how they responded, and they will complete measures of their implicit bias during the semester.

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Jeffrey A Stone