As a Engagement initiative, Tech.Global connects the engagement activity of Professional Development with the engagement competency of Global and Intercultural Comprehension.
As employees of Global Initiatives, students will join our agile team of coders and learn in-demand skills including JavaScript, PHP, C#.Net, SQL, UX Design, GIS and data visualization. Tech.Global also provides opportunity for growth in global and intercultural comprehension in the form of a required three credit Intercultural Competence (HUMS 372) course. As participants in Tech.Global students not only develop their own marketable skills, but do so in the context of critically evaluating exactly how technology is applied equally and unequally globally, and what impacts their own innovations have in other cultural contexts. The Study Abroad program with live reflection component is the highlight of the Tech.Global program. Students will venture out into the world for a study abroad program where they will test their technical and intercultural competency understanding and communicate live about their experiences via their pre-designed reflection component.

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Victoria Ogino