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Students will take an assessment on intercultural competence as part of the study abroad application process, participate in a pre-departure orientation, complete a UA approved study abroad program (minimum 4 weeks in length), submit a program evaluation asking students to reflect on their experiences abroad, and complete the post- study abroad assessment on intercultural competence.

Initial Assessment and Pre-Departure Orientation
Students will complete an assessment designed to measure their intercultural competence in eight core areas. Prior to the start of their program, students will attend a program/region specific pre-departure orientation to prepare them for their time abroad.

Intercultural Experiences Abroad and Reflection
Students will complete a UA approved study abroad program at least 4 weeks in length. Reflection will be ongoing throughout the experience and the medium of reflection will vary from program to program. Examples of reflection activities that students may be asked to do include blogging, journaling, taking photos, and completing program specific assessments.

Following their study abroad program, students will be required to retake the assessment measuring their intercultural competence. While desirable, students are not expected to increase in all eight of the core competencies. Intercultural competency development is a very personal process that is informed by students past experiences and degree of self-awareness. Any increases, even the most minor, are considered positive proof that students have reflected and grown throughout their study abroad experience.

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