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In Fall 2015, the University of Arizona added Engaged Learning Attributes to designate courses that offer students an opportunity to connect theory and practice through applied learning. These courses include internships, directed research, practicums and other courses which:

  • are offered at the 300-400 level
  • include at least 45 hours of experiential learning as part of the regular class requirements
  • include guidelines for how students will be assessed on that learning (e.g. syllabus)
  • require a final reflection or application component that for assessment of that experiential learning 

Each College has developed a process for designating courses as Engaged Learning.  

When a course has been approved by the department and College as engaged learning, academic departments can assign Engaged Learning attributes which Room and Course Scheduling will attach to the courses. Engaged Learning Attributes consist of one Engagement Activity and one Engagement Competency, assigned in pairs.

Attributes at the course catalog level when the course always includes these components, regardless of the term in which it is taught, or which faculty member teaches the course.

In cases when course may sometimes be taught with a qualifying experiential learning component and sometimes taught through other pedagogical strategies, Engaged Learning Attributes should be attached to the appropriate sections only.

House numbered courses or sections may be assigned the Attributes "Engaged Learning TBD". In this case, faculty can assign students different Engaged Learning Attributes according to what is most appropriate for the student's individualized project.

For Spring 2016 and beyond, request the addition of Engaged Learning attributes for any upper division courses meeting the University and College criteria for participation in the 100% Engagement initiative through the Curriculum Management Course Modification workflow in UAccess.


This July 17 memo sent by Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr. to Associate Deans provided additional information.

This August 18 memo sent by Vincent J. Del Casino, Jr. to Associate Deans gives more information on the College process.

This document will give more information on how to add attributes to your courses.

If your course has Engagement attributes attached this document will provide sample language if you'd like to address that in your syllabus. 

Answers to other Frequently Asked Questions. 

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