UA Engaged Learning Policy

Through our shared governance process, the University of Arizona has adopted the following policies and guidance that will allow undergraduate students to earn Engaged Learning Experience notation on their academic transcript.

Students can earn this notation either by successfully completing an upper division (300- or 400-level) course assigned an Engaged Learning Activity and Engaged Learning Competency as attributes, or by completing an approved non-credit Engaged Learning Experience. 

Engagement occurs when students translate and apply their classroom learning into practices and experiences beyond the classroom that impact their professional and personal growth.  Students may complete more than one engagement experience by registering for a course or non-credit experience that has a different activity and competency.  There is no limit on the number of student engagement courses or non-credit experiences that a student may take. For detailed policy, please visit the University of Arizona Catalog.

Credit-based engagement courses may be offered by an academic college or department.Students may also meet the criteria for graduating with an "Engaged Learning Experience" by registering for one of the University's approved non-credit experiences.  The Office of Student Engagement maintains a list of approved non-credit learning experiences. For detailed policy, please visit the University of Arizona Catalog.

Engagement Activities are curricular and co-curricular experiences in which students participate to develop professional and personal skills. Engagement Competencies are the lenses through which students focus their Engagement Activity to develop an appreciation for and a comprehensive understanding of that area or lens. For a full list and definitions, please visit the University of Arizona Catalog.

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