Student Engagement Committee

Zoë Cohen, Faculty Representive
Assistant Professor, Educator Scholar Track Assistant Professor, Physiological Sciences - GIDP
Pamela Coonan, Ex-Officio
Senior Director, Academic / Curricular Affairs Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Government and Public Policy
Vincent Del Casino, Ex-Officio
Vice President, Academic Initiatives and Student Success Professor, School of Geography and Development
Annie Kurtin, Ex-Officio
Associate Director, Student Engagement
Brian Mayer, Committee Chair
Associate Professor Sociology and Public Health
Abra McAndrew, Ex-Officio
Assistant Vice Provost, Student Engagement
Miguel Pacheco, ASUA Representative
Undergraduate - College of Science - Biochemistry
Robert Sandoval, APAC
Manager, BIO5 Facilities / Planning
Dustin Tran, GPSC Representative
Graduate Degree Seeking - Biomedical Engineering and Optical Sciences
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