Five Things You Should Know About 100% Engagement

100% Engagement-Abra McAndrew

One of the best ways to ensure that students graduate workforce-ready is to provide them with experiential learning opportunities as part of their college education, something the UA's 100% Engagement initiative promises all of its undergraduates.

The UA's 100% Engagement initiative is an important component of the University's Never Settle strategic academic and business plan. It guarantees all undergraduates the opportunity to apply their classroom learning in real-world settings and earn an Engaged Learning Experience notation on their academic transcript.

In order for 100% Engagement to be successful, employees must understand the initiative and their role in supporting it.

Here are five things you should know about 100% Engagement, provided by the UA Office of Student Engagement:

1. For an activity to officially qualify as an Engaged Learning Experience, it must be tied to one Engagement Activity and one Engagement Competency.

Engagement Activities are formally approved for-credit curriculum or noncredit experiences that fall in one or more of the following categories: community partnership, creative expression, discovery, entrepreneurship, intercultural exploration, leadership or professional development.

Engagement Competencies are the areas of expertise gained by a student's participation in the activity. These areas include: civic and community responsibility; diversity and identity; global and intercultural comprehension; innovation and creativity; interdisciplinarity; professionalism; and sustainability.

2. UA faculty and staff can propose noncredit engagement experiences.

For-credit engagement experiences are managed through the college curriculum process for each individual college. However, if you or your unit has an idea that supports 100% Engagement, it could become part of the initiative as a noncredit experience.

Noncredit engagement experiences do not grant academic credit, but do qualify students for the formally documented Engaged Learning Experience notation on their transcript.

As per UA policy, these experiences must:

  • Identify the Engagement Activity and Engagement Competency that they support.
  • Require a commitment of at least 45 hours of engagement on the part of the student.
  • Include a reflection/application component that helps the student make meaning of the experience.

Additional criteria, such as the methods, techniques and theories employed as part of the experience to address real-world challenges, will also be considered. For more information and to access the proposal form, visit this page.

3. Proposals for noncredit engagement opportunities are reviewed by a committee every month.

A committee of UA faculty members, employees and students reviews and evaluates all noncredit engagement experience proposals on a rolling basis.

The committee will review proposals on a regular basis, starting in September, and decide which ones meet the criteria to qualify students for the Engaged Learning Experience transcript notation.

4. Workshops are available to learn more about 100% Engagement and how to propose an engagement experience.

The Office of Student Engagement offers regular workshops to provide more information about how 100% Engagement works and how units can propose engagement opportunities.

During workshops, you can learn about the criteria and process for proposing noncredit experiences that offer students a transcript notation. You can also become more familiar with the 100% Engagement initiative's mission and connect with colleagues to think through and develop proposal ideas.

Upcoming workshops will be held on Sept. 17, Oct. 14 and Nov. 19. Space is limited and online registration is required.

5. There are resources in place for helping students find engagement opportunities.

If you are approached by a student who is looking for more information about 100% Engagement, the Office of Student Engagement website at serves as a starting point.

Upper-division courses that align with the Engagement Activities and Engagement Competencies can be identified by Engagement attributes assigned to those courses in the UA Academic Catalog or the schedule of classes being offered at the UA during the semester. A directory of approved noncredit experiences will be available later this fall.

Students can also contact the engagement personnel assigned to their college to learn more about experiences that are relevant to their field of interest. For a complete list of college engagement personnel across campus, click here.