Leading the Way on Never Settle: Vincent Del Casino

Vincent Del Casino, UA Vice Provost of Digital Learning and Student Engagement, talks about the latest developments of the Never Settle 100% Engagement Initiative.

Never Settle-Vin Del Casino-UA News

The UA is making major strides with its 100% Engagement initiative, which guarantees all undergraduate students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field before they graduate.

An important component of the University's Never Settle plan, the initiative provides students with formally documented, experiential education opportunities in the form of internships, research projects, service learning, community volunteerism and other activities.

A key leader in the UA's engagement efforts is Vincent Del Casino, vice provost of digital learning and student engagement and associate vice president for student affairs and enrollment management.

In this video, Del Casino talks about what makes the UA's engagement initiative unique and how engaged learning enriches the student experience.   

For more information about 100% Engagement, visit the recently launched Office of Student Engagement website.