Rooftop Garden Design Competition

The Office of Student Engagement is partnering with Arizona Student Unions to host the first-ever Rooftop Garden Design Competition.

Work in a team to research, design, and pitch your ideas for a sustainable garden that will be housed on the Student Union Memorial Center rooftop. Food harvested from the garden will be used at SUMC restaurants, such as Pangea, as well as available for students through the Campus Pantry.

You will:

  • Solve a robust, immersive challenge
  • Practice critical skills employers are looking for, such as collaboration/teamwork, communication, and problem solving/critical thinking
  • Gain meaningful experience to add to a resume or discuss during interviews
  • Design a sustainable garden that will serve your fellow students
  • Have the opportunity to leave a tangible impact on the UA campus for years to come!

More information about the Rooftop Garden Design Competition can be found here:

Registration for the Rooftop Garden Design Competition closed Monday, February 13th at 11:59 pm MST.

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