Submit an Event for Marketing

100% Engagement at the University of Arizona involves all students. As we strive to create enthusiasm on campus around this initiative, we are actively seeking great visual stories. We want to help students envision what these experiences could be for them, and the transformative potential therein.

We’re looking for exemplars that spark the imagination of students. And we need you, the faculty and staff involved in these experiences, to be our lead. Those of you creating these experiences play a critical role: please let us know about them.  And in order to spark the imagination of our students, they must be visual.

Please complete the form below and include in the notes whether there is a culminating event or milestone in your experience. Is there a presentation or final excursion involved? This will help us time, and plan, our efforts accordingly.

Once submitted, our staff will contact you within three business days.

Thank you for your consideration.